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Category *SAVF -- Save file
Tool Name Definition Date Added
CHKOWNSAVF Check Owner of Save File May 15, 2008
CHKSAVF Check Save File March 26, 2007
CPYFRMSAVF Copy From Save File April 1, 1995
CVTSAVFD Convert Save File Description April 1, 1995
DSPALLSAVF Display All Save Files December 15, 2002
DSPEMTSAVF Display Empty Save Files October 15, 2012
RSTOBJSAVF Restore Objects to Save File April 15, 2009
RSTSAVFMBR Restore Save File Member May 1, 1996
RSTSAVFOBJ Restore Save File Object May 1, 1996
RTVSAVFD Retrieve Save File Description April 1, 1995
SAVFARC Save File Archive May 15, 2008
SAVLIBSAVF Save Library to Save File December 1, 2004
SCNSAVFA Scan Save File Attributes October 15, 2013
WRKSAVFMBR Work with Save File Members May 15, 2008
WRKSAVFOBJ Work with Save File Objects May 15, 2008

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