TAA Tools

Installing the TAA Productivity Tools

The TAA Productivity Tools suite is installed by running its install program from a virtual or real optical drive. Real optical drives are becoming more scarce as IBM's Power systems evolve. Moreover, many systems are housed in data centers where a real optical drive is not accessible even if it exists. For these reasons most users will install the tools from a virtual optical drive. The procedure for doing so is described here.

There are several steps. Each is described in detail on its own page. If you are installing from a real optical drive then you can skip right to step 4 since the first three steps describe downloading and setting up for virtual optical.

Virtual optical installation makes use of a CD image file. This file contains the programs and data needed for an install in a format that can be interpreted by the IBM i image catalog support that is in the base operating system.

When you click on the link from the download page a CD image file of the form VvRrMm_yyyymmdd.iso is downloaded to your downloads directory. Do not open the file on your workstation; the file is meant to be uploaded to your IBM i system in binary form.

To perform the install, work through the following four steps.

  1. Uploading the CD image file to your IBM i
  2. Creating a virtual optical drive on the IBM i
  3. Setting up and loading an image catalog on the IBM i
  4. Running the install from a virtual or real optical drive