TAA Tools

Upgrades and Refreshes

There are two types of updates available for TAA Productivity Tools, one is an upgrade, the other is a refresh:

Release Upgrades

Customers on IBM i release V5R4 or later: There is normally no cost for release upgrades as long as the upgrade is in the same processor group and maintenance fees are current. However, customers who request an upgrade within six months of purchase will be charged the difference in cost between the original license and the upgrade license. If you plan a system upgrade within six months you should purchase for the later release and install for your current release.

Customers not current on maintenance must either pay all prior unpaid maintenance fees or purchase a new license.

Customers on IBM i release V5R3 or prior: A new pricing structure using yearly maintenance fees went into effect with V5R4. Since customers on V5R3 or earlier never participated in maintenance, a new license must be purchased when moving to a current release level. To determine the price of your upgrade, see the New License Prices page.

If you are doing an IBM i release upgrade you should be familiar with some of the underlying system considerations that may affect the tools. If you are skipping releases you should also read the notes for those skipped releases as well.


TAA Productivity Tools refreshes are available to all customers who are current on maintenance fees. Refreshes are available on our download site. Contact support@taatool.com for the current link. CDs are available on request. We no longer charge a shipping fee when shipping CDs by USPS in the US. Expedited shipping within the US and shipping overseas will continue to be charged a shipping fee.

A refresh gives you the latest release of the TAA Productivity Tools for your existing IBM i release. It contains the latest new tools, enhancements to existing tools, and fixes. We refresh the tools approximately every 6 months.

Here are the Latest release dates for TAA Productivity Tools.

Follow these instructions to determine your current TAA Productivity Tools release level.

To Order an Upgrade or Refresh

Call or email Support at:
phone: 507-258-5182
email: support@taatool.com