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Date of this refresh -- Jan 15, 2024

The following tools have been added to the TAA Productivity Tools within the past few years.

If you already have TAA Tools installed on your system, you will need to refresh your current release or upgrade if you have changed your IBM i release to take advantage of the latest tools.

Follow these instructions to determine your current TAA Productivity Tools refresh level.

If you do not have a license to the tools, we hope this list will help you decide to obtain one. New tools are being developed and added to the product on a regular basis.

Click the tool name for a brief description of the tool. Click the definition for the full documentation.

Tool Name Definition Date Added
CPYSRCFIFS Copy source file members to IFS stream files June 15, 2022
RUNTAABLDR Run a builder to create a TAA tool June 15, 2022
CPUMON Monitor CPU usage May 15, 2021
RTVJOBSPLC Retrieve the number of spooled files created by a job May 15, 2021
CVTACCPTH Produce an outfile of database files with 4GB access paths April 15, 2020
CVTCERT Produce an outfile of certificates nearing expiration April 15, 2020
CMPENVVAR Compare a set of environment variables to another set August 15, 2019
CVTENVVAR Convert environment variables to an outfile August 15, 2019
ADDDSTLE2 Add distribution list entries like another user October 15, 2018
FNDMSGID Find the message file given a message ID October 15, 2018
SCNALLDSTL Scan distribution lists for a user ID October 15, 2018
GENRANPWD2 Generate a random password using system values April 15, 2018
RTVJOBOUTQ Resolves and retrieves the output queue of a job April 15, 2018
DSPFCNUSG2 Display a summary of function point usage October 15, 2017
ENDSBS3 End multiple subsystems October 15, 2017
WRKACTGRP Work with all activation groups in the current job October 15, 2017
RTVQATTD Retrieves the name and description of a QATT source file April 15, 2017
VRYVRTDSP Varies virtual displays on or off as requested April 15, 2017

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