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HELPTAA command

All of the TAA Productivity Tools documentation is included online with the installed tools through the HELPTAA menu. To access the menu, enter the command TAATOOL/HELPTAA.

The HELPTAA menu contains a variety of information, including a complete list of tools, instructions for remote installation, new tools, fixes and incompatible changes, instructions on modifying a tool, security information and disaster recovery information.

There are a number of commands shown on the HELPTAA menu which can be run directly from a command line to access information. For example, documentation for a specific tool can be accessed by entering TAATOOL/WRKTAA and setting the list to the tool name you are interested in.


DSPTAACAT allows you to pull up tools by category. This is useful when you want to know if the software includes a tool that would fill a need you have, but don't know what it would be called. A list of categories can be prompted for by pressing PF4. For example, DSPTAACAT *SEC will bring up a list of all the security related tools. From there, you can browse the on line documentation for each tool in the list.

Source Access

Source is stored in a compressed archive and cannot be edited directly. Source members must be copied out to a source file for modification. Access to source is restricted for users in demo mode. Note: The TAA Productivity Tool software does not utilize the QUSRTOOL library for source. That library belongs to IBM.

For example, to access the source for ADDDAT tool do WRKTAA ADDDAT and press Cmd 10 to see all the 'pieces' of the ADDDAT tool. You now have options to view the members or copy out one or all of the members for editing.

Upgrades and Refreshes

The tools are refreshed about every 6 to 9 months with the latest new tools, enhancements and fixes. Please see Upgrades and Refreshes to order.

This product is designed to work with a particular version, release, and modification of the IBM i Operating System. You should plan to upgrade your tools whenever you upgrade to a new version of the operating system.

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