TAA Tools

Price Information

New Licenses

License fees are based on operating system version and processor group. First collect your system information, i.e., IBM i release and processor group. Once you have determined your system information, look up the new license prices.

Customers install TAA Productivity Tools with a free demonstration key provided by TAA Tools support (support@taatool.com). The demonstration key is good for 60 days. Once the license fee is paid customers will receive a permanent key.

Maintenance Fees

The annual maintenance fees are no more than 20% of the current new license prices.

TAA Productivity Tools refreshes are available to all customers who are current on maintenance fees.

Maintenance is billed and payable annually two months prior to the customer's maintenance period. The first year of maintenance is included in the license fee.


Release upgrades

Customers on V5R3 or prior: A new pricing structure using yearly maintenance fees went into effect with V5R4. Since customers on V5R3 or earlier never participated in maintenance, a new license must be purchased when moving to a current release.

Customers on maintenance: Upgrades from one release of TAA Productivity Tools to a later release are normally included in the maintenance fee. However, customers who request an upgrade within six months of purchase will be charged the difference in cost between the original license and the upgrade license. If you plan a system upgrade within six months you should purchase for the later release and install for your current release.

Processor Group Upgrades

Customers upgrading processor groups must pay an upgrade fee. Contact support@taatool.com or call 507-258-5182 for a quote.