TAA Tools

The  Check TAA  Productivity  Tools command  prints  a listing  of  the

  **   The  important information from  the TAALICENSE and  TAACTL data

  **   Commands that have the same name as the TAA commands.

  **   TAA* objects that are outside of the TAA Tool libraries.

  **   Special  TAA programs (e.g.   HLRMVMSG, SNDESC) that are outside
       of the TAA Tool libraries.

You must have (or adopt)  *ALLOBJ special authority to specify  *ALL or
*ALLUSR for the LIB parameter.

A typical command would be submitted to batch as:

        CHKTAAPRD    LIB(*ALL)

This  would check all  the libraries  on the  system for  duplicate TAA
command  names, objects  named TAA and  special TAA  program names that
are outside of the TAA libraries.

Because  the  TAA  Tools  existed  in  various  forms  before  the  TAA
Productivity   Tools  product   came   into  existence,   there  is   a
possibility  that you have  old versions of  the tools on  your system.
If this  occurs, it  can lead  to problems  where the  wrong object  is

If you  have commands  on your  system that  do not belong  to the  TAA
Tools but use the same name, you can easily access the wrong name.

Bypassed objects and libraries

The following objects and libraries are bypassed.

  **   The entire TAATOOL library

  **   The entire  TAASECURE library (no  commands are shipped  in this

The TAA authorization list objects in QSYS.

The  objects, commands, and  library name of  the library specified for
the TAA Tool commands.   If you took the default at  installation time,
they are in the TAATOOL library.

Command parameters                                    *CMD

   LIB           The library  to be checked.   You may name  a specific
                 library  or the  special  values *NONE  *ALL, *ALLUSR,
                 *USRLIBL.  The default is *NONE.

                 If *NONE  is  used,  only the  data  area  information
                 from TAALICENSE  and TAACTL  is used  for the  output.
                 No  actual  checking occurs  other  than  to ensure  a
                 valid license.

                 If  *ALL  or  *ALLUSR  is  specified,  you  must  have
                 *ALLOBJ special authority.

   CMDS          Should the  commands in the  LIB parameter  library be
                 checked  for duplicates to  the TAA  Productivity Tool
                 command   names.    This  is  a  *YES/*NO  value  that
                 defaults to *YES.

   OBJS          Should the  objects in  the LIB  parameter library  be
                 checked for  TAA* objects.   This is a  *YES/*NO value
                 that defaults to *YES.

                 If  *YES  is  specified,  the  following  special  TAA
                 program  names   are  also   checked  for:   HLRMVMSG,

   OUTPUT        How  to output  the results.    * is  the default  and
                 means  to display the results  if run interactively or
                 print if run  in batch.   *PRINT may  be specified  to
                 cause a spooled file to be printed.

   ESCMSG        Whether to  send an escape  message if  some duplicate
                 commands and/or  TAA program names are found.   *NO is
                 the  default  which  means the  command  will complete
                 normally.    *YES  may  be  specified   to  cause  the
                 TAA9893 escape  message if  duplicate commands  or TAA
                 programs are found.


If  the LIB  value is *ALL  or *ALLUSR,  you must  have *ALLOBJ special


Not a consideration as only the object form exists on your system.


None, the tool is ready to use.

Object only tool

CHKTAAPRD is shipped in  object form only.   The source does not  exist
on your system.

Added to TAA Productivity tools May 1, 1996

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