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       Note that this is the  old version of the CMPSRC tool.   The new
       version is  named CMPSRC.   In most situations,  the new version
       is probably more helpful.

The  CMPSRC3 command  allows a  simple method  of comparing  two source
members and  noting  the differences.   For  example,  assume you  have
both a  new and an  old source version and  want to compare  the two to
determine  the  statements which  have  changed.   The  CMPSRC3 command
prepares a listing  of both source members  and notes the  differences.

To  compare the  source  member  SRC1 in  QRPGSRC  in  the new  library
NEWLIB versus the old library OLDLIB specify:


To compare the new source MBR1 against MBR2 in QCLSRC specify:


The  command takes a  several seconds  to execute and  therefore should
be submitted to batch.

The command  operates on  source files  of up  to a  length of  92  (80
bytes of  source, 6 bytes of  sequence number and  6 bytes for  date of

The  processing  program  adopts authority  to  allow  the  use of  the

Comparison with CMPSRC

CMPSRC  is the  new version  of the  command.   It will only  print the
changes  from  the two  members  rather  than  list  both  members  and
identify what has changed.

CMPSRC will  flag all  of the changes,  but may not  correctly identify
the 'type' of change (e.  g.  Add versus Change).

CMPSRC3  does a better job  of identifying the changes,  but the output
is more difficult to work with.

Comparison with CMPSRC2

The TAA Tool  CMPSRC2 also compares source.   The following  summarizes
the differences:

  **   CMPSRC3 is  intended for  a single  member comparison where  you
       really  need to  understand the  differences.   For  example, it
       will note that a  specific statement was deleted  or moved to  a
       new location.

  **   CMPSRC2 is  a  more gross  level function.   It  should be  used
       when  you think  two  members are  the  same and  want  a simple
       means  of checking.   It  will determine  if they are  the same.
       If not  the  same, it  will describe  the  first statement  that

  **   CMPSRC2 can  also be used to  compare all members  in one source
       file against the corresponding members in a different file.

Command parameters                                    *CMD

   NEWFILE       The  source file  name and  library of the  new source
                 file.  The  library defaults  to *LIBL.   A file  name
                 or the  abbreviations of *CL, *RPG  etc.  may  be used
                 to  indicate  the  standard  system  names of  QCLSRC,

   NEWMBR        The member name for the new source.

   OLDFILE       The source file  name and  library of  the old  source
                 file.   The  file  name  defaults  to *NEWFILE.    The
                 library  defaults  to  *LIBL.    A file  name  or  the
                 abbreviations  of  *CL,  *RPG  etc.   may  be  used to
                 indicate  the   standard  system   names  of   QCLSRC,

   OLDMBR        The member  name for the  old source.  It  defaults to
                 *NEWMBR or the same member name as the new member.

   PRTTXT        A  *YES/*NO value  that  defaults to  *YES to  print a
                 heading  on  the  first  page  of  how  to  read   the




None, the tool is ready to use.

Objects used by the tool

   Object        Type       Attribute      Src member     Src file
   ------        -----      ---------      ----------     -----------

   CMPSRC3       *CMD                      TAASRCB        QATTCMD
   NEWSRCP       *FILE         PF          TAASRCBP       QATTDDS
   OLDSRCP       *FILE         PF          TAASRCBP2      QATTDDS
   OLDSRCL       *FILE         LF          TAASRCBL       QATTDDS
   TAASRCBC      *PGM          CLP         TAASRCBC       QATTCL
   TAASRCBR      *PGM          RPG         TAASRCBR       QATTRPG
   TAASRCBR2     *PGM          RPG         TAASRCBR2      QATTRPG
   TAASRCBR3     *PGM          RPG         TAASRCBR3      QATTRPG
   TAASRCBR4     *PGM          RPG         TAASRCBR4      QATTRPG
   TAASRCBR5     *PGM          RPG         TAASRCBR5      QATTRPG
   TAASRCBR6     *PGM          RPG         TAASRCBR6      QATTRPG

Added to TAA Productivity tools April 1, 1995

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