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DSPUSRJOB       DISPLAY USER JOB                       TAAJODZ

The Display User  Job command is a  display only version of  the system
WRKUSRJOB  command.   Only display  options are  valid for  a job.   An
option  exists to display, work with,  or prevent access to the spooled
files of a job.   Any user can display  a list of jobs and  display the
details  of  his  own job.    Detail  job  displays and  displaying  of
spooled  files is  controlled by *JOBCTL  special authority  and with a
TAA authorization list.

A typical command to display your own jobs would be:


A typical job  for a user  with *JOBCTL special  authority would be  to
display jobs of another user such as:

           DSPUSRJOB      USER(xxx)

DSPUSRJOB authority

Only a  user with  *JOBCTL special authority  or with  authorization to
the  TAAJOBCTL  authorization list  can  display a  job  (or  a spooled
file) which  is not  his own.   If  the spooled  file is  in a  private
output  queue, only  the  user  of the  job  (or  a user  with  *SPLCTL
special authority) can work with or display the spooled file.

DSPUSRJOB escape messages you can monitor for

      TAA9891    The user has no jobs or status/type not found

Escape messages from based on functions will be re-sent.

Command parameters                                    *CMD

   USER          The  user  name of  the  jobs to  be  displayed.   The
                 default  is *  for the current  job.   A specific user
                 or a generic user name may be entered.

                 A  generic  user  name  may  only  be   used  when  an
                 interactive display is requested.

   STATUS        The status of  the jobs to be displayed.   *ALL is the
                 default.   *ACTIVE, *JOBQ  or *OUTQ  may be specified.

   JOBTYPE       The job type  to be displayed.   *ALL is the  default.
                 *INTERACT or *BATCH may be specified.

   SPLF          The type  of spooled  file processing  to be  allowed.
                 If  the user is  displaying his  own job or  a *JOBCTL
                 special authority user  is displaying  jobs for  other
                 users, the  option determines  what can  be done  with
                 the spooled files for a job.

                 *WRK  is  the  default  to use  WRKJOB  OPTION(*SPLF).
                 Changes or deletions are valid.

                 *DSP  may  be specified  to use  DSPJOB OPTION(*SPLF).
                 No changes are allowed.

                 *NONE  may be  specified  to  prevent  access  to  any
                 spooled files.

   OUTPUT        The type of  output.  * is the  default to display the
                 results if the command is entered interactively.

                 If  the  command  is entered  in  batch  or  *PRINT is
                 specified, a listing is output.


Only a user with *JOBCTL  special authority can display the details  of
a job or work/display  the spooled files for a job other  than his own.


The following TAA Tools must be on your system:

     CHKGENERC       Check generic
     FILEFDBCK       File feedback
     HLRMVMSG        HLL Remove message
     RTVJOBA2        Retrieve job attributes 2
     SNDCOMPMSG      Send completion message
     SNDESCINF       Send escape information
     SNDESCMSG       Send escape message
     TAAEXC          Execute a command


None, the tool is ready to use.

Objects used by the tool

   Object        Type    Attribute      Src member    Src file
   ------        ----    ---------      ----------    ----------

   DSPUSRJOB     *CMD                   TAAJODZ       QATTCMD
   TAAJODZC      *PGM       CLP         TAAJODZC      QATTCL
   TAAJODZC2     *PGM       CLP         TAAJODZC2     QATTCL
   TAAJODZC3     *PGM       CLP         TAAJODZC3     QATTCL
   TAAJODZR      *PGM       RPG         TAAJODZR      QATTRPG

Added to TAA Productivity tools August 15, 2005

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