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PRTTIMZON       PRINT TIME ZONE                        TAATIMO

The Print  Time Zone command  prints a listing  of major cities  in the
world and  the time zone  offset from Greenwich  Mean Time (GMT).   The
RPG  program may  also be  called directly  to pass  back the  array of

Note that  this tool  was written  before  the system  support of  Time

A typical command would be:


The TIMZON spooled file would be created.

The  spooled file may  be used  to help  set the  DSPTIMZON application
value  for  your  location.   See  the  discussion  with  the DSPTIMZON

Adding entries to the array

You may add  entries to the array  used by the  PRTTIMZON command.   Do
the following steps:

  1    Use CPYTAA2 to  copy out the source  of the tool to  the TAATOOL

              CPYTAA2     TOOL(PRTTIMZON)

  2    Use SEU to access the TAATIMOR program:


  3    At  about statement 138.00 is  the beginning of  the array data.
       Follow the same  format to enter  an upper case  value, a  lower
       case value, and  the offset from  Greenwich mean time.   You may
       make as many additions, changes, or deletions as required.

       A good technique  to use would be to  place an entry in position
       40  such as  CHG or  ADD to  indicate what  you have  changed or
       added.  You  may want to  add some comments  to the program  for
       any entries you have deleted.

  4    As an *ALLOBJ user, re-create the tool with CRTTAATOOL:


The array data  will now be automatically used by  other TAA Tools such

You  should save the changes you  have made to the  same member name in
a different library.   When the  next version of  the TAA  Productivity
Tools  product  is installed,  a  new  version  of  the array  will  be
provided.   There may be changes to the array  data or program.  Follow
the same steps to reenter your  changes based on your saved version  of
the TAATIMOR program.

How to call the RPG program to access the array

     E* Array definition
     E                    TIM       200 15  ATMD    42   Time zones
     I* Qualified program name for sub pgm to get array
     I              'TAATIMOR'            C         GETARR
     ITIMDS       DS
     I                                        13000 TIM
     ITMDDS       DS
     I                                        18400 TMD
     ILOCDS       DS
     I                                        1  15 LOCATN
     I                                       16  18 OFFSET
     I                                       23  42 LOC2
     C*                                                              *
     C*                 Get the array                                *
     C*                                                              *
     C                     CALL GETARR                     Get array
     C                     PARM '*RTV   ' TYPE    6        Type
     C                     PARM           TIMDS            Time array
     C                     PARM           TMDDS            Time array
     C* When the location is found
     C                     MOVELTMD,ZX    LOCDS            Move element

Command parameters                                    *CMD



Only certain major cities in the world are provided.

Only full hour offsets are  used (no time zone changes of  less than 60
minutes are supported).


The following TAA Tools must be on your system:

     RTVSYSVAL3      Retrieve system value 3
     SNDCOMPMSG      Send completion message
     SNDESCMSG       Send escape message


None, the tool is ready to use.

Objects used by the tool

   Object        Type    Attribute      Src member    Src file
   ------        ----    ---------      ----------    ----------

   PRTTIMZON     *CMD                   TAATIMO       QATTCMD
   TAATIMOC      *PGM       CLP         TAATIMOC      QATTCL
   TAATIMOR      *PGM       RPG         TAATIMOR      QATTRPG

Added to TAA Productivity tools March 1, 1998

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