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TAA Programming Changes
The best way to minimize potential programming changes to the TAA
Productivity Tools is to periodically get a refresh of the current
version. A media handling charge is assessed.

A refresh is a complete new version of the product. There is no
concept such as a Cum Package. Each new version that is installed will
delete all of the objects in the TAATOOL library and restore new
objects. This provides a simple and safe technique without relying on
a complex prerequisite structure.

If you normally install a new release once a year, at the 6 month mark
you should consider ordering a refresh of the current version. A new
TAA version is generally available about every 2 months. The current
version includes fixes, enhancements, and new tools.

If you want to get an idea of the fixes that are included in the
current version, see the release notes.

How Programming Changes may be made on your system

The TAA Productivity Tools do not use the i5/OS support of applying

If a programming change is required, there are several methods that
can be used such as:

-   Changing the source on your system. Since the source exists for
    the tools on your system (in the TAA Archive), you may be asked to
    copy the source from the Archive, change the source, and re-create
    the tool.

-   E-Mail attachment. We may send you the revised source for a tool
    or an object. Normally, this is distributed in a save file (such
    as PF528) which contains the contents of a SAVLIB command (such as
    a SAVLIB of library TAATFRZ).

    You must first place the attachment into the IFS or by use of FTP.
    The RSTTAASTMF tool exists to assist you in restoring from the
    library from the IFS. Then follow the instructions that come with
    the E-mail to apply the fix.

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Added to TAA Productivity tools March 15, 2002

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