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CHKSRCTYP       CHECK SOURCE TYPE                      TAASRCL

The  Check  Source  Type  command  checks  all  of  the  members  in  a
specified source  file to ensure  that the source  types are valid.   A
special  option  to  check  all system  supplied  standard  source file
names also exists.

SEU will allow any  value to be entered  into the source type field  on
the  STRSEU  command  or  by   using  such  functions  as  the  Program
Development  Manager (PDM).    Only the  types that  are in  a specific
list will cause syntax checking to occur.

The Programmer  Menu does  some degree  of checking  by defaulting  the
source type  to a  corresponding source  file name  (e.g.  CLP  becomes
QCLSRC).   The  CHKSRCTYP  command assists  you in  ensuring  that your
file is clean.

A valid  source type  is  defined to  be what  can  be entered  on  the
Programmers Menu.

A  typical command  to check  the  QCLSRC file  for  only valid  *AS400
types would be:


Command parameters                                    *CMD

   SRCFILE       The  qualified source file  name to  be checked.   The
                 special  value *ALLIBM  may be  entered in  which case
                 all  of  the  standard  source  file   names  such  as
                 QCLSRC,  QRPGSRC  etc.     will  be  checked.    If  a
                 standard  named file  does not  exist, it  is ignored.
                 If *ALLIBM is used, a library must be specified.

   TYPE          The type  of valid  values to  check.   *AS400 is  the
                 default.    It can  be  one  of the  following:  *S36,
                 *S38, *AS400 or *ALL.

   TXT           A  *YES/*NO  value that  determines  if  TXT or  TXT38
                 should be considered  valid (it  is not  valid on  the
                 Programmer Menu).  The default is *NO.


The following TAA Tools must be on your system:

          EDTVAR      Edit variable
          SNDCOMPMSG  Send completion message
          SNDDIAGMSG  Send diagnostic message
          SNDESCMSG   Send escape message
          SNDSTSMSG   Send status message


None, the tool is ready to use.

Objects used by the tool

   Object        Type       Attribute      Src member     Src file
   ------        -----      ---------      ----------     -----------

   CHKSRCTYP     *CMD                      TAASRCL        QATTCMD
   TAASRCLC      *PGM          CLP         TAASRCLC       QATTCL

Added to TAA Productivity tools April 1, 1995

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