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The Print  Source Summary  command is  similar to  DSPFD *MBRLIST,  but
offers better formatting and several important options:

  **   Change  bar date.   This  allows the  printing of  those members
       who have changed on or after a specified date.

  **   Changes  only option.   This prints  only the  members that have
       been changed after the specified change bar date.

  **   Actual last  change.  The  change date  shown by DSPFD  *MBRLIST
       is the  date the member was  last changed.   This normally means
       that  it  is the  date  that SEU  was  last used  to  update the
       member, but other  functions (e.g.   GRTOBJAUT, Restore,  MOVOBJ
       etc.) will  also change the  change date.   In addition,  if the
       source is  copied (e.g.  it is  the TOMBR parameter on CPYSRCF),
       the date reflects the copied date.

       Each source statement  contains the  date in which  it was  last
       changed.    The  oldest  of  these  dates   is  often  a  better
       indication of when the last time the member was changed.

       The  ACTLSTCHG(*YES)  option requests  that  all  of the  source
       statements be checked to determine the latest date.

  **   Special  values  *STD and  *QATT  allow the  printing  of source
       from more  than one  source file.   You can  also name  multiple
       source files.

  **   A member option  lets you print only those  members that match a
       generic name in one or multiple files.

  **   An  outfile option lets  you create an  output file  by the name
       of SUMSRCP  in a  library of  your choice  with  one record  for
       each detail print line.

A typical command is entered as:


The previous would print  the source from the QCLSRC  file found on the
library list.

The following  would print the source members  from the standard source
files found on the library list.


Only source files may be specified.

The is a slow  running command (especially for  large source files  and
when ACTLSTCHG(*YES)  is specified) and  should be submitted  to batch.

Command parameters                                    *CMD

   SRCFILE       The  source  files to  be  printed.   Special  entries
                 such  as  *CLP  may  be  entered  as  a  shorthand  to
                 indicate the QCLSRC  file.   The value *STD  indicates
                 that   the  files  QCLSRC,   QDDSSRC  etc   should  be
                 printed.   The  value *QATT  indicates that  the files
                 QATTINFO, QATTCMD etc  should be  printed.   Up to  20
                 source files  may be named.   All must be in  the same
                 library as described by the LIB parameter.

   LIB           The  default is *LIBL.   All  source files must  be in
                 the same library.

                 If *LIBL is used with  one of the special values  like
                 *CLP or  *STD, the library  list search order  is used
                 to find  the file.  When the first  file is found, the
                 library   for  this   file  is  used   for  all  other

                 For example,  if *STD  is used and  the first  QCMDSRC
                 file  is found  in LIBY,  LIBY is  used for  all other
                 files  and not *LIBL.  This  ensures that all files in
                 the print out will be from the same library.

   MBR           The default is  *ALL.  A generic  name may be  entered
                 (no  * is  needed)  to allow  printing  of only  those
                 members that match the value entered.

   CHGBARS       Whether  change  bars  (double  asterisks)  should  be
                 printed or not to  indicate those source members  that
                 have  been changed  on or  after  the date  specified.
                 The  default is *NONE.   A  date may be  entered which
                 will  be compared against  the last change  date.  The
                 date  must  be  entered  in  the  form  YYMMDD.    The
                 special value  *TODAY may be entered  for todays date.

   CHGSONLY      A  *YES/*NO value for whether  only the changes (based
                 on  the change  bar  date  should  be  printed.    The
                 default is  *NO.   *YES may only  be specified  when a
                 change bar date is specified.

   ACTLSTCHG     A  *YES/*NO  value that  defaults  to *NO.    The *YES
                 entry requests  that each  source member  be read  and
                 the  date  of  last  change  (as  per  the  individual
                 source statements) be determined.

                 There  are some cases  where the SEU  statement change
                 date  is all  zeros.   In this  case, it is  not known
                 when  the  member was  changed.    See  the  BLKSEUDAT

   BLKSEUDAT     Blank  SEU  date which  defaults  to  *INCLUDE.   This
                 parameter   is  intended  for  a   further  option  if
                 ACTLSTCHG(*YES)  is  specified.    It  allows  you  to
                 determine  if a  blank SEU  date (zeros  exist in  the
                 record)  should be included  or dropped.   The default
                 is *INCLUDE.    *DROP  specifies to  not  print  those
                 members where there  is no change  date in any  of the
                 statements in the member.

   SLTRCD        Select  records option.   The default is  *ALL meaning
                 any  member  is selected.    *ZERO may  be  entered to
                 print only those members  that have no records.   If a
                 specific  value is  entered,  only  those members  are
                 printed  that are 'greater  than or  equal' the value.

   SLTCRT        Select create date.  The  default is *ALL meaning  any
                 member is  selected.   If a  specific date  is entered
                 in  YYMMDD   format,  only  those  members  that  were
                 created 'greater  than or  equal' the  specified  date
                 will be printed.

   SPCAFT        Space after  option to control  how many  spaces occur
                 after  a detail line  is printed.   The default  is 1.
                 2 may be specified.

   SEQ           The sequence of the output within each file name.

                 *MEMBER is the default to sequence by member name.

                 *NBRRCDS  may be  specified to  sequence in descending
                 order of the number of records in each member.

                 *CRTDATE may  be specified  to sequence in  descending
                 order of the create date of the members.

                 *CHGDATE may  be specified  to sequence  in descending
                 order of the last change date/time of the members.

   PRTFILE       The  qualified name  of the  printer file to  be used.
                 The default  is QPRINT  in *LIBL.    The spooled  file
                 name is the name of the source file.

   OUTLIB        The  library  in  which  the   file  SUMSRCP  will  be
                 placed.   The  file will contain  one record  for each
                 detail  print  line.    This  allows  you  to   select
                 records based on  a variety of selection  criteria and
                 get  a  subset outfile  to  work  with for  subsequent

                 The  default is  *NONE meaning no  outfile is created.
                 *LIBL  or  *CURLIB  may  be  entered  if  the  SUMSRCP
                 exists.    If  the  SUMSRCP  file does  not  exist,  a
                 library must be specified.

   OUTMBR        The  member of the  SUMSRCP file  to be used.   If the
                 member does not  exist, it is added.   The default  is

   REPLACE       A  *YES/*NO value  for  whether the  member should  be
                 cleared  before writing records into  it.  The default
                 is *YES.

Outfile comments

The model file used is TAASRCQP with a format name of SRCSUMR.

The outfile contains one record for  each record selected.  The  MSCHGD
field (change  date) value is  either the member  level change date  or
the  most current  statement  change  date depending  on  the ACTLSTCHG
parameter value.

If  ACTLSTCHG(*YES)  is specified,  the MSCHGT  field (change  time) is
set  to zeros  (there  is no  time  associated  with the  most  current
statement change).




The following TAA Tools must be on your system.

     ALCTMPMBR    Allocate temporary member
     CHKGENERC    Check generic
     EDTVAR       Edit variable
     EXTLST       Extract list
     RTVLSTCHG    Retrieve last change
     SNDCOMPMSG   Send completion message
     SNDESCMSG    Send escape message
     SNDSTSMSG    Send status message


None, the tool is ready to use.

Objects used by the tool

   Object        Type        Attribute      Src member    Src file
   ------        ----        ---------      ----------    ----------

   PRTSRCSUM     *CMD                       TAASRCQ       QATTCMD
   TAASRCQP      *FILE          PF          TAASRCQP      QATTDDS
   TAASRCQC      *PGM           CLP         TAASRCQC      QATTCL
   TAASRCQR      *PGM           RPG         TAASRCQC      QATTRPG

Added to TAA Productivity tools April 1, 1995

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