TAA Tools
TAA Productivity Tools Overview and Support
The TAA Productivity Tools are a natural extension of the IBM i
Operating System. The tools provide a wide variety of programming and
system management tools.

One of the most important commands to remember is:


This provides a menu of documentation members and commands. You may
access the same menu with:


The TAA Productivity Tools are a continuation of the TAA Tools that
were part of QUSRTOOL for i5/OS. TAA Tools Inc. has an exclusive
license from IBM to market a derivative work of the TAA Tools.

Both object and source code are part of the product. No manual is
provided. All of the documentation is online as well as tools to
assist you in determining which tool to use. All of the commands
support help text.

If you have questions, problems, or suggestions for TAA Tools, please
see our website, www.taatool.com, for support and contact information.

The source code for the tools is included with the TAA Productivity
Tools for your use. The object code or source (with or without
modifications) may not be used on a system other than that included in
your license without an expressed written agreement from TAA Tools

License agreement

The TAA Productivity Tools are licensed to a specific system serial

The TAALICENSE data area in TAATOOL contains the license information.

To understand more about the TAALICENSE data area, use the appropriate
option from the HELPTAA menu or:


The DSLO (Distributed System License Option) offering was withdrawn on
April 23, 2001. For more information about this change, use the
appropriate option from the HELPTAA menu or:


Post installation requirements

You will need to decide on a strategy for how to access the tools.

To assist you in your decision and to check on any naming conflicts,
you should first run the CHKTAAPRD command. This command is run as
part of any install of the TAA Productivity Tools to check for
duplicate command names or TAA* objects that exist outside of the
supplied TAA Productivity Tools library. You may also run CHKTAAPRD at
any time. A discussion of the CHKTAAPRD command is included on the
HELPTAA menu (use Page Down for additional text descriptions).

After reviewing the results and performing any cleanup, you should
review the discussion of the 'Library List Requirements' which is also
included on the HELPTAA menu (use Page Down for additional text

New release

When a new system release is available, TAA Tools Inc. will have an
update available to work with that release. The update will include
fixes, enhancements, and new tools. Order the update from TAA Tools
Inc. when you are ready to install the new release of the system.

There may be an update charge for each release of the TAA Productivity


The TAA Productivity Tools are designed so that their use does not
violate any system security functions. Objects and data are read using
standard system interfaces such as system commands, system APIs, CL
and RPG.

To achieve a secure system when using the tools, system considerations
exist and proper use must be made of the tools. If you are the
Security Officer, be sure you understand your responsibilities by
reading the information in the TAASECURE member. Use the appropriate
option from the HELPTAA command menu or:


How to determine if a tool exists to meet your needs

To assist you in answering the question, "Is there a tool that does
...?" see the information in the TAAISTHERE member,


or use the appropriate option from the HELPTAA command menu.

TAA Archive

The tools are shipped in both object and source form. The source is
stored in an archive which requires less space on your system. The
archive also includes the documentation for all of the tools.

You can learn more about the Archive by reviewing the specific
material described in the next section or use:


Additional TAATOOL information

For additional information about the TAA Productivity Tools, use the
HELPTAA menu (including Rollup for additional text discussions). This
includes information such as:

-   TAALICENSE data area
-   Libraries used
-   CHKTAAPRD command
-   Library list requirements
-   TAA Archive
-   Remote installation
-   History of the TAA Tools
-   Backup considerations
-   Disaster recovery

IBM Trademarks

IBM and IBM i Operating System are trademarks of the IBM Corporation.
These terms are used throughout the TAA Productivity Tools

Tool specifications

The documentation member for each tool provides the description of the
tool and is the product specifications for the tool.

The tools are primarily developed using IBM i CL and RPG. Use of other
products is made such as Language Dictionaries, Query/400, and SQL in
certain tools.

The TAA Productivity Tools are dependent upon the support provided by
the system and its products. Should the support change so that the TAA
Productivity Tools cannot meet their specifications or a work-around
is not practical, TAA Tools Inc. reserves the right to change the
product specifications.

Command Analyzer Change Exit and Changing of Command Defaults

The system supports the capability to change the operation of a
command using an Exit program or to change the defaults of parameters
on commands.

If you make a change to a system or TAA command used by a TAA CL
program, the results of the program are unpredictable.

Date formatting

The use of Julian dates (*JUL) as either system or job dates is not

Dates that appear in printed output or on displays use the current job
format. Dates used as input on commands or displays (such as 'position
to' functions are either in job format or described as part of the

Gregorian calendar

Many tools involving dates will only operate successfully if the
Gregorian calendar is used. This is the standard calendar used in the
USA and in many countries in the world.

English language requirement

With a few exceptions, most tools are designed to be used by English
reading users. Screen prompts, text, error messages, etc appear in
English and no provision has been made to assist in translation.

A few tools such as RTVDAT and DYNMNU are designed for any language as
long as errors do not occur.

Most of the RTV and CVT commands use APIs and are not sensitive to
what language is being used. A few tools access spooled files to
determine values for RTV or CVT commands. These are designated as
'English only' and require and English version of the spooled file.

Sole provider

TAA Tools Inc. is the sole provider of the TAA Productivity Tools. See
the option on the second page of the HELPTAA menu for a certification

Copyright TAA Tools, Inc. 1995, 2021

Added to TAA Productivity tools April 1, 1995

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