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For 'Backup considerations', see the option on the HELPTAA menu.


This is the main library for the TAA Productivity Tools. It is shipped
as owned by QSECOFR with all objects owned by QSECOFR. The library
will contain the programs, files, etc. used by the TAA Tools. TAATOOL
will also contain a primary version of any command definition objects.

You may also specify a 'command library' at the time of installing the
tools or by using the DUPTAACMD command. If your 'command library' is
not TAATOOL, a second version of the command definition objects will
be placed in that library. The same approach is also used for any
*MENU objects and certain physical files that are used as data
structure definitions during compiles.

If you use CRTTAATOOL to re-create a tool, the current command library
is determined from the TAACTL data area. If it is not TAATOOL, a
second version of any command objects will be placed in the command

See the discussion in 'Library List Requirements' for why you may want
to consider a 'command library'.

The TAATOOL library is available for public use. Most of the objects
are created so that the public has *USE authority.


The TAASECURE library is a private library. It is shipped as owned by
QSECOFR and all objects owned by QSECOFR. The public is excluded.
Sensitive security tools are placed in this library such as the
scrambled passwords for the DSPPWD tool. The library also contains
data areas that are used by certain tools to control access to
libraries or objects.

You may want other trusted individuals to be authorized to TAASECURE
or are not *ALLOBJ special authority users.

TAASECURE is also used to hold values that modify how certain tools
operate. These objects are not replaced on an install which allows you
to make a change once and not on every install of the TAA Productivity


The TAAWORK library is used for work functions and does not need to be
backed up on a regular basis. If a full save of the system occurs, the
library should be saved to allow the library to exist if the system is

The contents of the library are cleaned up by various functions. For
example, the JOBTALK tool will clean out old messages when the first
user of the day issues STRJOBTALK.


These libraries are used only during the install of the TAA
Productivity Tools and are automatically deleted if the install is
successful. Other libraries (TAATOOLZ, TAATOOLZ2, TAASECUREZ, and
TAAINSZ) are also temporarily installed during the install process.

TAADCT Library

The Check Spelling tools (such as CHKSPELL and CHKSPELL2) allow for
spelling dictionaries to be identified in data areas in the TAADCT
library. The library is optional, but you must create it and at least
a data area named SYSTEM if you have additional spelling dictionaries
to be used by using the defaults of the command. For a detail
discussion, see the CHKSPELL tool.

TAACMD Library

An optional library may exist for commands and other objects. It is
not required to use the name TAACMD, but this is recommended.

Most users do not use this option. You can determine if you are using
the option by:


Line 300 has the 'Cmd lib'. If it says TAATOOL, you are not using the

See the discussion in Library List Requirements from the HELPTAA menu.

$$TAATOOL and Q$$TAATOOL Libraries

One of these two libraries is required if you use the SAVTAATOOL tool.
SAVTAATOOL is designed for those users who want to use the TAA Tools
to assist in restoring the system in case of a disaster recovery. The
libraries are created as part of the CRTSAVTAA command which is part
of the same tool. See the SAVTAATOOL discussion in the 'Backup
considerations' section of the HELPTAA menu.

Other libraries

Some tools require that other libraries be created in order to use the

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